Houston traffic ranked 11th-most congested in United States, study says

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Los Angeles is perennial champion when it comes to the worst traffic congestion in the United States, but on a global scale the metro area has been beaten in the past by Istanbul, Mexico City and Bangkok.

The study did not rank cities in either Japan or China, as Inrix does not gather its own data there, but still covered 1,064 cities worldwide across 38 countries.

Among cities in Thailand, the study said that out of the 64.1 hours on average which Bangkok drivers spent stuck in traffic previous year, some 23% of overall time and an average 33% of their time was spent stuck during peak hours, wasting much fuel in the process. Moscow drivers came in second with 91 hours spent in traffic, followed by NY commuters with 89 hours, according to the traffic scorecard compiled by Inrix.

A ranking of the world's most congested major cities. NY motorists spent 89 hours on average in traffic during peak periods past year, and the average San Francisco motorist cooled their heels behind the wheel 83 hours on average in 2016.

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"A stable USA economy, continued urbanization of major cities, and factors such as employment growth and low gas prices have all contributed to increased traffic in 2016".

That was good (or bad) for fourth in the US, behind LA, New York, and San Francisco. Thais spent an average of 64 hours stuck in traffic a year ago. Doing so, in a sense, would be like glopping makeup on the city's most glaring blemish: traffic. "With an economic recovery. the movement of goods also puts a lot of strain on the roads network too, " Pishue says.

Istanbul has been ranked 15th among the cities with the most traffic in the world and 10th among the countries most congested, according to a new report by transportation analytics firm INRIX. Lost productivity and fuel cost San Francisco drivers $1,996, and the city more than $2.5 billion in 2016. New York's 95 west is number one.