SoftBank CEO Gives Trump 8000 New US Jobs To Tout

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Trump said Wednesday at his Mar-a-Lago country club in Florida that Sprint Inc.'s returning 5,000 positions is "because of me".

Still, I was surprised to hear President-elect Trump crow this week that he had convinced the company to create more jobs in the U.S. "He is not going to build the company himself but what he wants to do is inspire and get people motivated to invest and build the jobs and it seems to be happening", he said.

According to the New York Times, the 50,000 job expansion was planned as part of a $50 billion investment by SoftBank into operations in the United States.

Numerous jobs will likely be at call centers, work the industry has commonly outsourced to India and the Philippines and other low-wage countries with mixed success.

There was no immediate word if the jobs will come to the Kansas City area or elsewhere. As a result, he is taking credit for the 8,000 incoming jobs courtesy of a Japanese billionaire who owns the telecom company Sprint and OneWeb.

"We just had some very good news", Trump told the transition press pool. "Our president-elect is tying his name to something he didn't have anything to do with, much like he did with "saving" 1,100 jobs at HVAC company Carrier, including 300 that weren't moving to Mexico in the first place". He had previously taken credit for the Carrier company keeping hundreds of jobs in IN, which came with tax concessions from the state where Trump's incoming Vice President, Mike Pence, serves now as governor. "It will be a combination of newly created jobs and bringing some existing jobs back to the USA", she said.

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A Sprint spokesperson told Morning Consult in an email Wednesday that the the jobs were already part of the 50,000 pledged earlier this month by Masayoshi Son, the chief executive of SoftBank Group and Sprint's chairman.

"The company anticipates these jobs will support a variety of functions across the organization including its Customer Care and Sales teams", the release said.

The economy has created just under 6,000 jobs every day of 2016.

Take Trump's recent statements tweet about nuclear weapons, which quickly ricocheted around the world, despite Trump aides' efforts to minimize the importance of the statement.

A Sprint spokesman said the carrier is not receiving tax breaks or other compensation in exchange for its move, as United Technologies (UTX) did when it pledged to keep 1,000 jobs in the U.S.