Clinton says she got dizzy but didn't pass out

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"Obviously I should have gotten some rest sooner-I probably would have been better off if I'd just pulled down my schedule on Friday", she added.

Cooper asked her about her fainting spells in the past, including the concussion she sustained in December 2012, and how many times in the last five years something similar has happened. "I think really only twice that I can recall".

"You know it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life and you know, I'm aware of it and usually can avoid it", she said.

Clinton continued: "What happened yesterday was that I just was incredibly committed to being at the memorial". As a Senator on 9/11, this is incredibly personal to me. And I could feel how hot and humid it was, I felt overheated. "That's what they told me on Friday, and I didn't follow that very wise advice". He said he agreed with her decision to cancel a campaign trip to the West Coast so that she could rest.

Aides drove her to her daughter Chelsea's NY apartment, where she emerged several hours later, looking bright and telling reporters she felt great. In a statement released by the campaign eight hours after the incident, Bardack said the 68-year-old Clinton "became overheated and dehydrated" at the 9/11 ceremony.

Her campaign said it may have been too slow disclosing her pneumonia diagnosis after she almost fainted at a NY memorial ceremony for the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Hillary Clinton called into CNN tonight and faced a grilling from Anderson Cooper over her lack of transparency over her health status and pneumonia diagnosis.

"It's just the kind of thing that if it happens to you and you're a busy, active person, you keep moving forward", Clinton said on CNN. "She had a good night's sleep". "You know, compare everything you know about me with my opponent". Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton's communications director, said the campaign "could have done better" in handling the situation, and campaign spokesman Brian Fallon admitted, "we should have provided more information more quickly".

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She waved to reporters and said: "I'm feeling great".

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the National Guard Association of the United States, Sept. 12, 2016, in Baltimore.

"That's just not even serious", Clinton said of Trump's medical letter.

Some political analysts say both should release more information about their medical history. "The report should be finished this week".

An aide to the former president said he will raise funds for his wife in Los Angeles and Nevada.

The former president will fill in for his wife at her previously scheduled rally in Las Vegas on Wednesday, where he will discuss her economic plans, according to the campaign.

Rose asked if Clinton might stay off the campaign trail for weeks.